Patent Law Career

Patent Law is a fascinating, profitable career field for many engineers and scientists looking for something other than the traditional career pathway. Being a part of this field will secure you a front row position on the cutting edge of science and technology.

From genetic engineering to computer software to light bulbs and even new engine components, people will always invent new things. Even more so, these inventions will always be labelled and traded as Intellectual Property (IP).

Once you have taken and passed the Patent Bar Exam, you will be considered a registered patent agent before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If you have graduated law school and meet the requirements to practice law, you will be considered a patent attorney.

The field of patent law is wide open to biologists, chemists, engineers, computer scientists and many other science and technology professionals. You don't need a law degree to be successful in this legal area. Here are a few of the top questions we get asked about this profession...

  What is a Career as a Patent Agent/Attorney Like?
Learn what your daily tasks would consist of in a patent law career.
  What Qualities Do I Need to Become a Patent Agent/Attorney?
Discover the best mix of qualities that will take you far in a career in patent law.
  Where Can Patent Agents/Attorneys Seek Employment?
Find out where you may work when you being your patent law career.
  Patent Agent/Attorney Salary Information
Everyone wants to know how much they'll earn. So just what is the average patent attorney salary versus patent agent salary?
  Patent Agent/Attorney Job Resources
Could you use a few tips for landing that first job in patent law? Locate patent attorney recruiter firms. Search Patent attorney jobs (and Patent agent jobs) around the nation.


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