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Patent Attorney Recruiter Firms

Most patent attorney recruiters do not charge the professional, but rather the employer. For this reason, many recruiters will not accept individuals without any experience in patent law. Employers will not want to pay the extra recruitment fees for those with no work experience (this does not mean they will not hire you, merely that they will not hire you through a patent attorney recruiter).

Often, the minimum limit for working with a recruiter is 1-2 years of work experience. This just means you will need to find your first job on your own, and then you may start receiving interest from recruiters.

At least two of the patent attorney recruiter firms on our list will send out a mailer to everyone who passed the Patent Bar exam. However, it is not likely they will work with you until you have experience. Refer to our patent attorney job (or patent agent job) resources page for job sites and tips on getting your first job.

List of Patent Attorney Recruiter firms:

  • William K. McLaughlin Associates
    One of the top patent attorney recruiter firms. View a sample resume template and search current patent law job openings.

  • Tech Law Recruiting
    Patent attorney recruiter (will also place patent agents). Maintains a listing of jobs available and resume tips.

  • Keith Ross & Associates, Inc.
    They provide attorney placement for patent attorneys, patent agents, and other Intellectual Property specialists.

  • Henry Barclay Associates
    UK patent attorney recruiter that specializes in placing Intellectual Property professionals in the UK, North America, and the Far East.

  • Law Firm Staff
    Provides temporary and permanent placement of lawyers and other legal professionals. A part of the Juriscape organization.


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